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Confused by cupcakes

Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but in a few months I'm organising a bake sale at work.

It's National Autism Day 2nd Apr, I though a bake sale would be a fantastic way of raising money. I mean everyone loves cake, right?

Here's my problem.......which tempting treats do I bake?

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So here we are....

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So it’s the beginning of the year (well it's January) and as part of the 'new me' I've decided to keep an on line account of the strange and wonderful happenings in my life.

Where to start?

Ok, I'm a mummy to a 14 month old beautiful little girl; but she is killing me! Little Miss H is still not sleeping through the night.....I know 14 months is a long time to go without uninterrupted sleep. Well it’s been longer really because I didn't sleep all that well throughout my pregnancy. I think I'm now used to living off coffee, wearing lots of make up, always having a bad hair day and generally being emotionally unstable!

Not content with being a full time working mummy, I've decided to give myself a few more challenges this year....
  • I've started the Slimming World diet; because everyone knows lack of sleep and dieting are winning combinations. lol
  • Not being the fittest person or being build like an athlete; (I'm 5'2" at a push) I’ve signed up for a 10k road race in May (joy!!!)
So welcome to my world everyone, hope to see you again.

Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride x

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