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Cannot wait

Today is the day.

For the last few years I have been planning on refurbishing my dining room furniture, but because I have limited funds I decided on painting it all rather than replacing it all, logic dictates that the easies way of refurbishing them was to paint.

I have four different items that I want to keep. One of which is a Welsh dresser; it belonged to my mum. None of the items match, but I love each piece.
I started to get into a little bit of a flap when I thought I would have to sand, prime, paint and then varnish each item; I'd be still working on them next year! That is until someone recommended Annie Slone Chalk Paint.

The idea is that you start painting straight away. No sanding, stripping back the varnish, nothing, (sounds too good to be true). To today is the day. I sourced a local shop that stocks the paint, all I have to do is decide on a colour......progress report to follow x

The 30 year old dresser mum gave me

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How to break the cycle?

Seems like I've been on a diet half of my life. To look at me you'd never bloody tell, I'm no stick insect.

I've been on the Slimming World diet since January, and if I'm totally honest I've not been sticking to it 100%. My problem is I love my food (and I mean LOVE).Which is fantastic while on SW, but I love all the bad foods.....cake, chocolate, cake, crisps, cake.

So here's the problem......

Monday-Friday I stick to the SW diet 100%, passing on every temptation; nothing breaks my will power. Come Saturday and my determination breaks like a cheap watch! 

I've been stuck in the same cycle for weeks. Loose 2 pounds over 2 weeks, following week put on 2 pounds!

So this week thinks are going to change. 

I've come back from weigh in feeling more positive than ever. I set myself a short term goal and in an act of desperation; found a fat photo ready to stick on the fridge door!

So peeps, wish me look; because this slightly overweight Yorkshire lass is on a fat fighting mission!

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