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Maybelline Forever Strong Forevermore Green

Maybelline Forever Strong Forevermore Green £4.09
After two applications
With summer fast approaching I decided to go on a hunt for a new nail polish, something to fit my sunny mood.  Enter Maybelline's Forever Strong in Forevermore Green.   I was immediately drawn to bright colour, not quite pastel the vibrant shade is very fitting for spring/summer.

Not onto the actual polish. Application is a dream, thanks to the tapered angled brush. I'd covered each finger nail with just two strokes, perfect for when your short on time.  The formula is very watery in comparison to other polishes. I had to work quickly just so it wouldn't slide off the brush and onto the table. I could the first coat went on a little streaky, but was spot on after the second.

I'm I love with the polish and can't recommend it enough. My mani is still in tip top condition after three days, doing the usual household chores, but maybe that's because I went a little OTT with the top coat (4 coats to be precise!).

I think the price is outstanding and I'll add to my Forever Strong collection.  Curious to see what other beautiful colours they will release in this collection.  So peeps, what's your thoughts?

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Weekend round up

What a lovely fun filled weekend we had. The sun was shining, putting everyone in a happy mood.

This weekend saw Roo (on loan from the nursery) coming to live with us. Which was perfect timing as we had lots planned. 

Saturday mornings started with Little Miss feeding Roo her breakfast;eating very little of it herself in the excitement. 

Daddy, Little Miss and Lexie Lou chased bubbles in the garden, giving me five minutes to my self. I even managed to drink a whole cup of warm coffee!!

We spent the rest of Saturday at Hoo Farm.We found it very difficult to drag Little Miss away from all the animals. 

Lots of outdoor activities in the sun

Sunday morning consisted of the traditional trip to the dreaded supermarket (my most hated chore). 

A walk around the block with 'baby' and Roo. Little Miss became bored with pushing the buggy half way round, guess who ended up taking over that task?!?

A trip to the park in the afternoon. Mummy finishing the day with a much needed G & T!!

Love my family x 

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I want to hold your hand

Up until a week ago I don't think you really would want to.  

Years or venturing out in the cold without wearing any gloves has seriously damaged my hands, at one point my knuckle were cracked and bleeding. 

Every few weeks I tend to go throughout the same cycle, my hands become super dry (all white and flaky) I rush out and buy a new hand cream, trying it out for a few weeks. The results never until I came across this little beauty!!!

The only hand cream I will only ever buy!

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for very dry skin, I have seen this hand cream advertised and I just don't know why I've never given it a go.

The cream is a lovely consistency, really thick and creamy, it's that thick I honestly didn't think it all of the product would absorb into my hand. However I was proven wrong, there wasn't even a greasy residue I've experience from some hand creams. The smell takes a little getting used to. It has a herb like smell about it, almost like fresh cut grass. Very fresh, but very unusual.

Within minutes of using this hand cream I notice a difference. My hands not only looked in better condition they are so smooth you'd think I've never done a days work in my life!!

Toodle pip

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Falling in love again

Now I'm back working full time I find it difficult to cook the evening meal, entertain H and try to get it to the table before her bed time. 

I've recently started making things in my slow cooker. Pasta, curries, puddings even bread! Who said slow cookers where just for stews and casseroles?!?

Not only is it healthier; you're not using oil to cook, but it smells wonderful when you walk into the house from a hard day at work and you smell dinner. All you have to do is set the table and kind of cooking!

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Little bites of perfection

Before I start writing I would just like to point out that yes I can bake, I fact I can bake the shizzle out of most things (apart from my arch nemesis the chocolate brownie!). I know how to make pancake batter and only reason I didn't make the batter was because I found two bottles of pancake batter at the back of a cupboard that needed using (that's the excuse I'm using).
So simple to make, even Mr F managed to make a few!

I made the pancake batter as per the bottle.  Poured into a greased cupcake tin, added chopped chocolate, baked for 15 minutes and hey presto!

Needless to say these didn't last long, in fact I've just polished off the lot while typing this. 


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My life in pictures

Well I thought I'd give you all a chance to get to know me a little better. I think the easiest way of doing this is to give you. Little snap shot of my life......

Think I've bored you enough now. 

Toodle pip x

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Coffee, my addictive little friend.

I've missed you these many months, I'm so glad that we've decided to give our relationship another try.

Nothing beats drinking from my favourite mug

What's a girl to do?

I tried to cut down, but the coffee really does help me get through the day. Especially if it's served with a slice of cake x

Cake, cake and more cake please

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Childhood memories

Did you every build a den when you were a child?

H is getting a little older now and I want to start doing these things with her. I suppose that’s one of the advantages about having children, you don’t ever really let your inner child grow up.

I can remember as a child grabbing mums clean sheets from out of the cupboards; running down stairs in the warm weather, throwing them over the washing line and pretend I was a gypsy princess from some far away land.

These are the kind of summer memories I want my daughter to have. I don’t want her reminiscing in twenty ears time and remembering summers where she was stuck inside the house on games consoles or sat for hours on end in front of the television.

Childhood fun should be about running through puddles bare foot while it’s raining, climbing to the top of the tallest tree, rolling so fast down a hill side you thing that you are never going to stop.

So this summer I’m going to help my beautiful little adventurer create some of those memories x

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Hunting For Faries

The nice weather brought out our adventurous side; while my husband decided to go mountain biking, Little Miss and I decided to have our own adventure. We packed a picnic and headed over to Cannock Chase.....

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