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Super Mummy

Ok, so all crafting is on hold for a little while. Little Miss H is a poorly baby. We are currently on standby waiting for Chicken Pox to show up (it's doing the rounds at nursery), she has the sniffles and last night covered me in vomit (oh joy).

The Calpol has kicked in

So if anyone is looking for Mrs Flipflop, I'll be locked away in a contaminated house trying to was away eau de vomit.

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Crafty lady

I've always been a crafter. It's something purely for me (selfish I know), chills me out after a crappy day in the office and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing I've made something beautiful.

So here is my newly discovered craft (drum roll please)........

Paper cutting! 

Paper what I here you cry. Well have a look see. Tell me want you think (please be kind I'm still new at this)

Designed for Miss H's bedroom

I absolutely adore the sentiment

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