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Never enough hours in the day

Some times I just wish I could stop time.......

Like most people I have so many things that I need to get yesterday. I look at other peoples lives and they seem to be strolling along without a care in the world, where I feel as though I'm running around like a mad headless chicken!

I have so many project that I want to work on that it feels as though work is getting in the way. Well tonight I made a stand. I decided I would do something just for me (kind of). 

It feels as though I've not cut any paper in an age. To be honest the thought of lifting my scalpel just didn't do it for me any more......but tonight I had two commissions I had to work on. So me and Mr F@*ker (the name of my scalpel, because he always cuts me) decided to get off our backsides and get on it.
I'm so glad I's back, I have my cutting mojo!!!!!

     Look out world, I'm coming for you!


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