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A week in food

For the last three weeks I've been following he Slimming World plan and I can honestly say I have never eaten so many different fruits and vegetables! 
I'm being more experimental with my flavours. I didn't realise that I'd gotten stuck in a routing of cooking the same old meals. Both Little Miss and myself are loving the healthy change at meal times.

So I thought I'd post a few example of what I've been eating this week in preparation to Friday's weigh in.

Tomato soup (tasted just like Heinz)

Turkey salad with plenty of mixed pickles

Turkey, spinach and tomato frittata

Pork meatballs, hassle back potato and curried baked beans

Chicken stir fry

Spinach, chickpea and potato curry

Don't forget if you would like any of the recipes then please leave a comment and I will start incorporating a few recipe posts.

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Week 2 weight in

My gosh I lost 5lbs this week. 5lbs!! I'm over the moon with that result....and I only thought I would loose a pound. A bit of a shock was an understatement!

So what did I do differently this week?

As you know I've been documenting all my meals, I take photos and upload them to my Little Miss & Mummy Instagram account. I also write down everything I eat. Yes I know that you are supposed to, but I've never been truly honest before. In the past when I've followed the Slimming World plan I've always lied to myself about how much I had eaten. I also try to eat syn free during the day; that way in the evening I can use all my Syns on my treat bag. 

My Syn treat bag, stops my chocolate cravings

I have a very sweet tooth; so each bag containes something different. Harribo, chocolate, Snack a Jacks, marshmallows. It works for me and it gives me something to look forward to in the evening. It also makes means I don't feel as though I'm missing out. 

My one and a half Syn per slice brownie cake

Don't forget if you would like any of the recipes, then please comment below and I'll include them in a post. 

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A week on the Slimming World diet

As you are all aware I'm now back on the Slimming World plan. I think this is about the fourth time I've 'food optimised' and hopefully this will be the last time.

I honestly couldn't tell you what's different this time around; maybe it's the fact my husband is working away, maybe I'm in a different mindset this time around....who knows, but this time it somehow feels 'right'. For once I'm not cheating; and trust me I normally cheat. I've eaten lots of fresh fruit and vegetable and experimented with lots of different recipes, both Little Miss and myself are loving the variety of foods we are eating. 

So here is are a few examples of what I've been eating this week. Weigh in is on Friday, so I'll update you all with my results then. 

My first week Food Optimising

Some of the meals I've eaten while on the Slimming World diet
Is if you are interested in any of the recipes then please leave a comment below and I'll start including recipie posts. 

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My yarn addiction

Well addiction is such a strong word; a problem? You see I wouldn't even call it that I like to buy yarn. Yes I secretly hide it away from my husband; when I do bring it out of hiding to use I do pretend that I've had it for months and he was there when I bought it. So no I don't have a problem!

My problem is I can't stop myself from walking into the yarn shop. I become distracted with all the pretty colours and I want to buy everything in sight. 

I walk along the aisles; lovingly stroking each and everyone. I can hear them calling out to me; asking to be taken home. What's a girl to do? I can't just leave them there; cold, unloved and all alone. 

It's not my fault if those little balls of joy jump into my arms want me to take them home with no project in mind.  The whole point is there may be a project soon. So really I'm saving time and energy by stocking up; saving myself from any future yarn emergencies.....saving those poor lonely little colourful skeins. 

My latest rescue

So I will continue to be a kind hearted, considerate and caring person. 

So go on people, go out and adopt a skein, but remember.....

A skein is for life not just for Christmas


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New Year, new me (like a million other people!)

No I've not fallen off the face of the earth; I've been super busy paper cutting for 2 Little Dicky Birds ( and trying to master the art of crocheting  (if I'm brutally honest there has been very little improvement!)

Adding the border to my granny square mood blanket
I did finally finish my mood blanket. The idea was to crochet a granny square every few days; each coloured square represents a mood. 

(Don't look too closely, you may see all the mistakes)

Well as the title suggest; New Year, new me. Not any other diet I here you all cry (yes I can see you rolling your eyes!).

Well this time it's not a diet, I'm eating healthier. Educating myself and making smart, better food choices. How am I supposed to be a positive role model for H if I'm eating the same portion sizes as my husband? That's as well as keeping a secret stash of chocolate at work!!

So with me luck everyone

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