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A week in food

For the last three weeks I've been following he Slimming World plan and I can honestly say I have never eaten so many different fruits and vegetables! 
I'm being more experimental with my flavours. I didn't realise that I'd gotten stuck in a routing of cooking the same old meals. Both Little Miss and myself are loving the healthy change at meal times.

So I thought I'd post a few example of what I've been eating this week in preparation to Friday's weigh in.

Tomato soup (tasted just like Heinz)

Turkey salad with plenty of mixed pickles

Turkey, spinach and tomato frittata

Pork meatballs, hassle back potato and curried baked beans

Chicken stir fry

Spinach, chickpea and potato curry

Don't forget if you would like any of the recipes then please leave a comment and I will start incorporating a few recipe posts.

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