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New Year, new me (like a million other people!)

No I've not fallen off the face of the earth; I've been super busy paper cutting for 2 Little Dicky Birds ( and trying to master the art of crocheting  (if I'm brutally honest there has been very little improvement!)

Adding the border to my granny square mood blanket
I did finally finish my mood blanket. The idea was to crochet a granny square every few days; each coloured square represents a mood. 

(Don't look too closely, you may see all the mistakes)

Well as the title suggest; New Year, new me. Not any other diet I here you all cry (yes I can see you rolling your eyes!).

Well this time it's not a diet, I'm eating healthier. Educating myself and making smart, better food choices. How am I supposed to be a positive role model for H if I'm eating the same portion sizes as my husband? That's as well as keeping a secret stash of chocolate at work!!

So with me luck everyone

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