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Week 2 weight in

My gosh I lost 5lbs this week. 5lbs!! I'm over the moon with that result....and I only thought I would loose a pound. A bit of a shock was an understatement!

So what did I do differently this week?

As you know I've been documenting all my meals, I take photos and upload them to my Little Miss & Mummy Instagram account. I also write down everything I eat. Yes I know that you are supposed to, but I've never been truly honest before. In the past when I've followed the Slimming World plan I've always lied to myself about how much I had eaten. I also try to eat syn free during the day; that way in the evening I can use all my Syns on my treat bag. 

My Syn treat bag, stops my chocolate cravings

I have a very sweet tooth; so each bag containes something different. Harribo, chocolate, Snack a Jacks, marshmallows. It works for me and it gives me something to look forward to in the evening. It also makes means I don't feel as though I'm missing out. 

My one and a half Syn per slice brownie cake

Don't forget if you would like any of the recipes, then please comment below and I'll include them in a post. 

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