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Moving home and living abroad

We have lived in Cyprus for almost 18 months; now I would like to say those 18 months have gone really quick, but I would be lying.

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Midweek Meals: Slimming World Meatballs & Pasta

Midweek meals Slimming world meatballs and pasta

I have made this dish so many times, these Syn free Slimming World meatballs go down an absolute storm in our house.

Each time I make this midweek meal it's never really the same. I always change what vegetables I put into the sauce; that's the beauty of this dish, you can throw any veg in there that needs using. If you have fussy eaters who don't like vegetables then insurgent you make the Hidden Vegetable pasta sauce and cook the meatballs separately (these can be cooked in the oven).

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Wardrobe overhaul: a new look for summer

Everyone needs a makeover every now and then and I am in desperate need of a Summer wardrobe overhaul. I've been on Slimming World for thirteen weeks now and I've lost a stone; now that's not a lot to some people, but to me its a massive achievement. My body shape it slowly changing, not drastically, but enough for me to feel this difference in my old clothes when I wear them. So I've decided I need a Summer wardrobe overhaul.

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Food Friday & Weigh in Week 15

This week has been so hectic, we are in the process of moving houses. Which is fine in any normal circumstances, but we are moving from Cyprus back to the UK. So as you can imagine the house is a bit all over the place at the moment. All our furniture is on its way to the UK and we are living it of suitcases until we fly, only a few short days to go.

I've found this week to be a struggle, I'm Hoping is the pending move. I seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut, I'm totally at a loss for meal ideas. Ive decided to visit Pinterest in the hopes of finding new inspiration. If you would like to follow me you can find me here

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Midweek Meals: Breakfast Cups

I don't always have time for breakfast and the times that I do I'm normally rushing around like a mad woman trying to get everyone out of the door on time.

I love eating the baked mini frittata for breakfast, but sometimes I want something a little different and these breakfast cups did the trick.

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Rainbow Brights Bredroom Overhaul

Little Miss is at that stages where she is no longer a baby; her old nursery furnishing are no longer appropriate for her age. We are moving home in a few very short weeks so I'm going to take the opportunity to overhaul her bedroom, letting her choose the majority of what goes in there. 

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Food Friday: Meal Plan & Weigh In Week 14

Its Food Friday everyone!!!

This week has flown by. I cannot believe the day to weigh in has come around so quickly!

The beginning of the week started out really well; Little Miss and I went out to a seafood restaurant for lunch. I order a seafood platter for one which gave me a little bit of everything to try; it even came with a massive side salad, meaning I was still on plan.

However; an hour after eating my tummy was very upset; meaning I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom! On the plus side its all weight loss!!!

It also caused me to have two days off work sick with a kidney infection! Not the week I was hoping for. It did give me the opportunity to stock up on fruit for snacking and research future recipe posts, so keep your eyes open!

This Week I only lost 1lb, but a loss is still a loss. I'm determined to loose again this week becasue another loss will take me into the 10's!!!!

This week I ate:


Breakfast: Syn free cooked breakfast using SW sausages
Lunch: Seafood salad  
Dinner: Slow cooker Bolognese pasta, Eaton Mess
Syns: Lighter than light mayo, meringues for the Eaton Mess, Gin & slim line tonic


Breakfast: Syn free SW sausages, spinach and ham breakfast frittata
Lunch: Seafood platter for one and side salad
Dinner: Chilli and rice, made for yesterdays leftovers and Eaton Mess
Syns: Mayo, Meringues for the Eaton Mess



Breakfast: Didn't eat breakfast I felt too ill
Lunch: Large caramel Snack A Jack and Curly Wurly
Dinner: Homemade fishcakes, SW potato wedges and sweet corn
Syns: Large caramel Snack A Jack and Curly Wurly


Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, half a honeydew melon, Coffee (Made with Unsweetened Almond milk HExA)
Lunch: Smoked salmon & dark rye Ryvita (HExB) and low fat cream cheese, Eaton Mess
Dinner: Burger in a bowl, SW sweet potato wedges
Syns: Meringues for the Eaton Mess, Low fat cream cheese, ketchup



Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, half a honeydew melon, Coffee (Made with Unsweetened Almond milk HExA)
Lunch: Chicken & vegetable pasta, Eaton Mess
Dinner: Cod steak, green beans in tomatoes and salad
Syns: Meringues for the Eaton Mess, Large Snack A Jack, Curly Wurly


Breakfast: Spinach and tomato breakfast frittata, coffee (Made with Unsweetened Almond milk HExA)
Lunch: Chicken salad with cream cheese and Rynita
Dinner: Stuffed pepper, garlic potatoes and salad
Syns: Large caramel Snack A Jack, cream cheese and Milky Way


Breakfast: Mushroom and tomato omelette coffee (Made with Unsweetened Almond milk HExA)
Lunch: dark rye Ryvita (HExB) and seafood salad
Dinner: Slimming World Ready meal, SW wedges and Parmesan courgette 
Syns: Small Milkyway, Hot chocolate

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Midweek Meals: Slow Cooker Slimming World Lasagne

I've been wanting to have a go at making the Slimming World lasagne this for what feels like ages. You all know me, I'm a lazy cook and the less time I spend faffing around in the kitchen the better. So I decided to make everything in the slow cooker; I made the sauce in the morning and then assembled it all around lunch time in the hopes that it would be ready by dinner.

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Reasons To Be Thankful

Following on from last weeks Reasons To Be Thankful;  I decided to include everyday events, quotes or inspirational people, because sometimes you just need a helping hand and a kick up the backside to change the way you view things.

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Pancake Mad

Every weekend since I can remember I have made pancakes for Little Miss, but now it's gotten to the point where she is demanding them during the week. Something that's not going to happen when I have work; or so I thought. Did you know you could freeze cooked pancakes? Guess it was just me then that didn't know.

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Food Friday: Meal Plan & Weigh In Week 13

I have been determined to rectify the damage that I did last week, yes I maintained, but I was lucky. I really did not want to have a gain, so this week I continued meal planning, using my Syn allowance and increased the amount of exercise sessions I attended.

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Midweek Meals: Slimming World Chocolate Brownie

Slimming World chocolate brownie

I’ve made this Slimming World Chocolate Brownie recipe a few times; it’s my go to recipe when I’m craving something a little naughty.

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A Whole New Look

Notice anything different?

For so long I have been desperate to have a blog design which reflects both my blog and who I am; try as I might I just couldn't get the 'look' I wanted; and then I discovered Ellie Illustrates.

All At Sea Design

I have been swooning over the designs at Ellie Illustrates for what feels like an age. I decided to bite the bullet and commission a blog and avatar design, but only if  I could prove to myself that I could stick to blogging and start taking it seriously. I didn't want my blog to disappear into the Land of the Forgotten' like many other projects I've started and abandoned in the past.

When the design proofs were emailed over I cried. She had created such beautiful illustrations; capturing everything that the Little Miss & Mummy blog is about. Seeing my design for the first time felt like finding that perfect dress, buying just the right shade of vampy lipstick or eating the biggest slice of chocolate cake and then finding out you've dropped a dress size!

In true Little Miss & Mummy style to celebrate I am going to have not just one, but two slices of cake (don't worry they are Slimming World friendly!).

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Reasons To Be Thankful Week 1

It's easy to be blinded by the negative and only concentrate on that.

My life is hectic at the moment; moving house, husband working away from home, working full time as well as trying to juggle the ever changing emotions of Little Miss that I've found myself doing just that. 

In an effort to change this I've decided focus on the positives instead, in the form of a weekly Reasons To Be Thankful post. 

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Meal Plan Monday & Weigh in Week 12

Bad Mummy, bad, bad, bad!

Well you can probably guess I have not stuck to plan this week. I had an amazing week eating pretty much everything and a thing on sight.

Do I feel guilty? No. 

Have I stopped Slimming World? Hell no. I just back to planning my meals and not hoping for a massive gain next week because this week I maintained (phew!).

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6 Free Crochet Pattens

6 Free crochet pattens

Coffee cowls, cup cosy or mug hugs. Call them what you want, they still amount to the same thing…..a quick and easy crochet project that would make a fantastic gift or to just keep for yourself.

I took inspiration from various blog pages when crocheting my own cup cozy; here are 6 FREE crochet cup cozy designs to keep you going or you could have a go at designing your own!

6 free coffee cozy pattens

Stash Buster Coffee Cup Sleeve

I love the idea of using up all those spare pieces of yarn to make this stunning sleeve for someone.

Owl Mug Wrap

For anyone who is owl mad, this little creation is a hoot! 

Mug Cozy

A simple design, but very effective. 

Basket Weave Cup Cozy

A stunning design using the basket weave stitch.

X-Stitch Coffee Cup Cozy

Quick to make up, but very striking.

Mug Hug

A very cute design of a mug hug and matching coaster.

Any you made any of these? I'd love to hear about your creations.

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