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Food Friday & Weigh in Week 15

This week has been so hectic, we are in the process of moving houses. Which is fine in any normal circumstances, but we are moving from Cyprus back to the UK. So as you can imagine the house is a bit all over the place at the moment. All our furniture is on its way to the UK and we are living it of suitcases until we fly, only a few short days to go.

I've found this week to be a struggle, I'm Hoping is the pending move. I seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut, I'm totally at a loss for meal ideas. Ive decided to visit Pinterest in the hopes of finding new inspiration. If you would like to follow me you can find me here

I've had a few of the Iceland Slimming World recipes, simply because they were convenient while we are trying to get organised. In the past we would of ordered a take away due to all the upheaval, it's been fantastic having something that I can just throw in the oven and know I'm still on plan. 

This week I didn't have the big loss I was hoping for, I maintained. So this week I plan to increase my water and fruit intake in the hopes that it will have a positive impact next week. 

Slimming World meal plan

My meals I ate during the week are as follows:


Breakfast: Syn free oat pancakes
Lunch: Ryvita, ham and cream cheese (HExA &HExB) 
Dinner: Steamed fish, SW chips and mushy peas
Syns: Lighter than light mayo, small Milky Way bar 


Breakfast: 3 Syn cooked breakfast 
Lunch: BBQ chicken (skin removed) and pork skewers, feta salad (HExA)
Dinner: Beans on toast (HExB)
Syns: ketchup , chocolate, small glass of wine


Breakfast: 3 Syn breakfast (Bread HExB)
Lunch: Ham salad
Dinner: SW chicken ready meal, SW style wedges, Parmesan crusted courgette (HExA)
Syns: Large caramel Snack A Jack


Breakfast: spinach, tomato and mushroom frittata. Coffee (HExA - Almond milk)
Lunch: chicken and bacon salad, low fat Mayo and a chocolate brownie
Dinner: Syn free slow cooker chicken noodles
Syns: Mayo, chocolate brownies 



Breakfast: Weetabix and Almond milk (HExA & HExB)
Lunch: Leftover Slimming world slow cooker Chinese chicken noodles
Dinner: Ham and feta salad, chocolate brownie 
Syns: Feta, chocolate brownie


Breakfast: fruit
Lunch: Tuna mayo and cheese jacket potato (HExA)
Dinner: SW chicken Tikka ready meal , rice
Syns: Mayo, G & T (slimline), chocolate


Breakfast: Weetabix and Almond milk (HExA & HExB)
Lunch: Smoked salmon salad 
Dinner: chicken pasta bake
Syns: Small Milkyway, meringue G&T (slimline)

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