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Moving home and living abroad

We have lived in Cyprus for almost 18 months; now I would like to say those 18 months have gone really quick, but I would be lying.

Nissi Beach with daddy

Little Miss chilling in the sun
Cyprus is an amazing country; steeped in history and beauty, it just wasn't for me..........I've missed far too much since we've been away. Family, cold weather; even the smell of the British countryside after the rain.

Yet Cyprus will always hold a special
place in my heart. I'll remember all those afternoons watching my husband help Little Miss build sand castles. I'll remember Halloween out here; sat in the garden in a t shirt handing out sweets the Trick or Treaters.

Most of all l will remember it as the place Little Miss started to sleep through the night......Meaning I stopped looking like the living dead!

Road Trip

So for now I'll be remembering the good times with a wobbly chin and tears in my eyes, but counting down the days until I'm home.

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