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Rainbow Brights Bredroom Overhaul

Little Miss is at that stages where she is no longer a baby; her old nursery furnishing are no longer appropriate for her age. We are moving home in a few very short weeks so I'm going to take the opportunity to overhaul her bedroom, letting her choose the majority of what goes in there. 

There is no mistaking Little Miss knows here own mind. She knows what she likes and cannot be persuaded to change it no matter what; trust me I've tried it on many occasions; blackmail and bribery does not work on my child....God knows what we will end up with, but I'm hoping I can influence her a little towards some of these wonderful items.

Rainbow brights Bedroom

  1. Deluxe Rainbow Star Teepee, with Squishy // £235.00 // Teepees By Lulu and Weasel
  2. KURA Reversible Bed // £130 // IKEA
  3. Prairie kitchen // £132.00 // Kidkraft
  4. FLISAT Book Display // £15 // IKEA
  5. ColourMatch Stars and Stripes kids bedding  // £9.99  // Argos
  6. Star Rugs // £18 // Next

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