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Reasons To Be Thankful

Following on from last weeks Reasons To Be Thankful;  I decided to include everyday events, quotes or inspirational people, because sometimes you just need a helping hand and a kick up the backside to change the way you view things.

So this week I am thankful for:


I know it may seem silly to some for putting this up here, but we have been a house of sickness, Little Miss had been up awake for almost two nights vomiting. When the sickness passed she crashed. Needing the much needed sleep to heal. When she crashed, so did I. I missed my bed so much!

Chocolate Brownies

I can hear your sharp intake of breath. Don't worry I'm still following Slimming World and I'm still motivated and on plan. I have discovered a Slimming World Chocolate Brownie recipe; once made they only worked out at half a Syn each....So yes I can have my cake and eat it!


I'd be lying if I hadn't struggled;  If I didn't go to bed most nights crying silent tears because I felt like I could cope this week. Constantly second guessing myself, worrying that I'm not doing a good enough job raising Little Miss. If I'm being too strict with her or not strict enough. Its hard doing this alone and its even harder when your little person is ill, but do you know what? I think its normal to have those worries and doubts, I'd be worried if I didn't have them. I'm so thankful I'm someone's Mummy and I count my blessings everyday.


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