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Wardrobe overhaul: a new look for summer

Everyone needs a makeover every now and then and I am in desperate need of a Summer wardrobe overhaul. I've been on Slimming World for thirteen weeks now and I've lost a stone; now that's not a lot to some people, but to me its a massive achievement. My body shape it slowly changing, not drastically, but enough for me to feel this difference in my old clothes when I wear them. So I've decided I need a Summer wardrobe overhaul.

The weight loss and change in body shape has given me the confidence boost I needed. I have a sway in my hips when I walk, I feel lighter, happier....I'm channelling my inner Diva! I've decided that the new confident me should have the wardrobe to match; Start dressing like a Yummy Mummy apposed the Slummy Mummy.

Summer Wardrobe Overhaul

Colbie Chino Trousers // £45.00 // Monsoon 
Joules Olivia Herringbone Blazer // £99.95 // John Lewis

Poppy Rustic Tiles Popover // £35.00 // Fatface

Tall Blue Floral Tile Print Dress // £14.99 // New Look

Appley Tassel Moccasins // £45.00 // Fatface

Clara Cute Cardigan // £35.00 // Monsoon

Havana Eclectic Stretch Bracelet Pack // £8.00 // Accessorize

Vintage Radio Across Body bag // 35.00 // Accessorize



Joules Olivia Herringbone Blazer // £99.95 // John Lewis

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