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Family Travel: 5 Essential Tips when travelling with young children

Being a military family we travel a lot; more so than your average family. Having just moved back to the UK  after living in Cyprus for the last 18 months we have learnt through trial and error. Our longest time travelling is a seven hour flight; that's excluding traveling to and from the airport.

So here are a few things that I've found make traveling with young children a little easier.

1. Give them a cabin bag of their own 

We use a Trunki, little Miss loves it. She gets to ride around the airport while waiting to be called for boarding, but I also keep everything that she will need for the flight in there rather than trying to cram both her belonging and mine into my handbag.

2. Comfortable clothes 

I know this seems like a no brainer. If we are traveling quite late in the evening then I will get Little Miss changed into her pyjamas during the flight. It means I don't have to disturb her once we reach out destination to get her changed.

3. Take a tablet 

I've found that not all in flight movies are suitable for a 3 year old; she got grumpy very quickly. I fill my ipad full of her favourite television programs rather than films; there is a better chance of her sitting down to watch 60 minutes of 10 minute TV episodes than there is her watching a whole movie. Its also wise investing in a child friendly tablet case. We have a hard wearing rubber casing, which has handle making it ease for Little Miss to hold.

4. In flight activities

I fill Little Misses Trunki with various travel sizes reading books, colouring books, stickers and colouring pencils. to fight boredom I change the activity round every half and hour or so.

5. Snacks

I've found that if I give Little Miss her favourite snack at take off and landing it help or give her something which she considers a treat (in her case a soft drink), if you are traveling with infants I've found that offering them their milk at this time really helps.

Do you have any top tips or anything that you would add to this list?

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