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Weigh In Wednesday & Meal Review

With my new Slimming World group I now have a new weigh in day; I'm finding getting weighed on Wednesdays works really well. If I have a little slip up during the weekend it allows me chance to recover and get back on plan before weigh in day.

As my regular followers will be aware I upload all my meals to my Instagram account, but for those who don't follow bellow is a quick photo of what I ate during the week.

I had a gain of 0.5 pounds, this was expected.  I have stuck to plan all week. However; I have now incorporated a lot of weight lifting in my training plan. I have lost inches in the few short weeks that I've been training hard. I'm really hoping that I will notice a difference on the scales at next weigh in.

Slimming World Meal
This weeks meals

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