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A Happy Hooker

Yes I would class myself as a happy hooker.....No I'm not hanging around street corners looking to earn a few extra 'bob'

I'm a self taught crocheter. I first pick up a hook when we lived in Cyprus; because of my job I found it very difficult to make new friends and I just didn't fit into the 'Cyprus lifestyle' of drinking lots and sunbathing, the joys of having a completion of a Ginger and not tanning soon gets you down (thanks Dad!).

I love my craft. I can take it anywhere; I can often be found walking around with a random balls of yarn and hook in my handbag, you just never know when you are going to stuck in a traffic jam.

As my crochet skills grow so does my confidence, to the point where I have designed my own items. When I get a little better at writing patterns I'll attempt to share them; but for now I'm happy creating just for the joy of it.

If you would like to follow me on social media I can be found using the name 2 Little Dicky Birds Crochet x

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