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About me

Hello! My name is Eve and thank you ever so much for stopping by my blog; I though I'd pound the keyboard and tell you a little bit about myself.

Within my family I'm called a "Bodger". I’d do a little of everything, I am always curious—especially when it comes to creativity. I sew (enough to get by), knit (badly) make tasty messes in the kitchen, restore furniture, make crafts for the home and generally spend too much time in thrift stores and car boot sales. If there is a job that needs doing I like to have a try at doing it myself before handing over the reigns to someone else (I really hate being defeated!) Besides my hobbies, I also love films, preferably sci-fi, but I'm really not picky; a good horror will suffice.

Did I mention that I love vintage? Clothing, furniture, jewellery I'm really not picky. Totally obsessed with the 40s and 50s............What can I say, I have eclectic tastes!

I grew up in Yorkshire, England. I had the best of both worlds, living on the edge of the country side and on the outskirts of the city. Looking back I say I had the ideal childhood; filled with love and happiness. My two wonderful parents started a family very young, so we are a very close and open family (no topic of conversation is ever off limits).My siblings and I were raised to speak our minds but always treat people with the respect which they deserve.

After leaving high school I attended art college, then went on to train to be a jewellery designer at university. After much soul searching I decided to leave and in April 1998 I enlisted and became a member of the Royal Air Force. As an airwoman in the RAF I've experienced many adventures; lead to a very interesting life, namely moving around every few years. I met my husband in 2009, through work (he was also a serving member of the RAF) and in August 2011 we married. Due to constantly deploying my husband left the military in 2012; from the outside looking in it may seem a very odd arrangement (the norm is for the husband to serve, the wife is the civilian, not the other way around).
But my husband is my biggest cheerleader; a fair critic of my work, but supporting in everything I do. He has been my rock through the tough times.

Right now our little family is just that—little. We have a daughter, who was born November 2012. We also have a very wilful and super giddy Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lexie; who we adopted in 2011.

Wow—if you’ve made it this far through all my rambling, then you’re a champion! (Or just very curious about who I am.) Please feel free to make yourself at home here and jump right in. I love hearing from readers via post comments, email, or Facebook. So please, don’t be shy.

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